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Contemporary jewelry is undermining and broadening the definition of traditional jewelry. Today jewelry is much more than just mere decorations. Jewelry is a platform in which the designer and the wearer can make a statement.

Jewelry is supposed to be exciting; it can combine of different materials, consist of many colors and can have outrageous shapes. Jewelry is and should be fun.

For me, jewelry is the embodiment of moments and memories. Jewelry have deep and personal meaning and there is a sentimental story behind the jewelry. They often symbolize an event, given as an intimate gift or being passed on by inheritance. The constant touch of the jewelry on the body serves as a reminder of those memories and feelings.

Jewelry should make a statement, provoke thought and arouse emotion.

Member of klimt02 – an international jewelry designers community.


2003 – Graduate, international relations, sociology and anthropology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
2009 – Graduate, jewelry design dep., “Shenkar College of Engineering and Design”.